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Yoyo Oo

Yoyo Oo

Personal Information
Member of Tengkotak

Biological Information


Voiced by


                  Yoyo Oo is an alien from the Ata Ta Tiga Planet. He is one of the members of the notorious Tengkotak group.


Yoyo Oo wears a helm with 4 spheres inside it. He has lanky body and limbs, bionic legs and wears dark blue clothing. His eyes are covered by what seems to be a visor.


  • It is possible that Yoyo Oo is an alien of the Kubulus race but with bionic legs.
  • From the fan mail section in the official BoBoiBoy magazine, it is revealed that his brain, which is a helm with 4 spheres inside it, is made to make him smarter.
  • Unlike other cube head alien (Kubulus), he doesn't have antennas .
  • His power is Mechamancer.
  • Yoyo Oo's name can be considered a pun to local Malaysian's verb which used to question an overconfident scenario.
  • In the official comic book of BoBoiBoy: The Movie, his name is spelled as Yoyo 'O.
  • In the official end credits of BoBoiBoy: The Movie, his name is spelled as Yoyo Oh.


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